Ano Plateia/Spianada

Casa Lucia

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until 10¨00 Breakfast

10-10:30 Agile Learning tools

10-11:30 Yoga/Stretch 

11-13:00 EN     

13-14:00 The essence of juggling 

13-15:00 Democratic Assembly

15-17:00 Lunch-time

17-19:00 The swallow's Journey

17-19:00 “Singing Freedom”

18-19:00 SingingMusicPlaying

                   "Spring is here"

18-19:00 Soft technology

19-20:30 Dinner

20:30 Sound Spa-Gong Bath

until 10:00 Breakfast

10-10:30 Agile Learning tools

11-14:00 Meeting the "Inner Child"

14-15:00 Mother

14-15:00 Road games

15-17:00 Lunch-time

17:00 Celebration and Performances:

     “Journey of Alkioni”

     "Spring is here"

      Closing Ceremony 

Activities, Information Desks, Art Workshops, Pyramid Construction and “cinema” will run alongside the program.

Shadow theatre "karaggiozis"

date & time-to be announced


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