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EUDEC Greece

EUDEC Greece is a regional chapter of EUDEC (European Democratic Education Community), a non-profit organisation that works across Europe. We are active throughout Greece to promote Democratic Education, which is based on two fundamental principles:

  1. the equality, co-responsibility and cooperation of teachers and pupils as to how the school works

  2. the right of students to freely choose the content, the way and the pace of their learning


At the same time, we support initiatives and people who are working to improve the existing educational model and / or create new ones, and help networking between them.



Ano Plateia/Spianada

Casa Lucia

Click on the titles for descriptions

Breakfast until 10

until 10¨00 Breakfast

10-10:30 Agile Learning tools

10-11:30 Yoga/Stretch

11-13:00 EN     

13-14:00 The essence of juggling 

13-15:00 Democratic Assembly

15-17:00 Lunch-time

17-19:00 The swallow's Journey

17-19:00 “Singing Freedom”

18-19:00 SingingMusicPlaying

                   "Spring is here"

18-19:00 Soft technology

19-20:30 Dinner

20:30 Sound Spa-Gong Bath

until 10:00 Breakfast

10-10:30 Agile Learning tools

11-14:00 Meeting the "Inner Child"

14-15:00 Mother

14-15:00 Road games

15-17:00 Lunch-time

17:00 Celebration and Performances:

     “Journey of Alkioni”

     "Spring is here"

      Closing Ceremony 

Activities, Information Desks, Art Workshops, Pyramid Construction and “cinema” will run alongside the program.

Shadow theatre "karaggiozis"

date & time-to be announced


@photos by Iouliana kapsaski


Pleasant Title


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